The Need for Custom Metal Fabrication

08 Nov

Metal fabrication is defined as the process that involves the bending and cutting of metals to create a new structure. On the other hand, custom metal fabrication is the procedure that involves cutting of metals in a specific way to satisfy the needs and demands of the customer. For this to happen, metals such as copper, aluminum, and stainless steel are used.

In making industrial solutions, furniture and custom-made components, three procedures are deployed in the fabrication.These procedures create original items that contain unique features which differentiate them with ready-made machines that have no unique features. The process involves cutting off the metals, creating different shapes from cutting the metals and joining these metals together.

The metal fabrication process involves using equipment such as punches, shears, notches, and lasers.Saws are used to make perpendicular lines in the custom metal fabrication process.Whereas shears come in handy where deep incisions are needed, plasma and laser beams are used in the cutting of different shapes such as curves and circles. To achieve this; custom fabrication companies use computerized programs to aid in cutting the metal with precision. Furthermore, notches and punches are suitable for creating different sizes of cracks within metals. To gain more knowledge on the importance of Metal Fabrication, go to

So as to make the various metal shapes the Press Brake forming technique is used.

Alternatively, custom Metal Fabrication from Hill Manufacturing companies use the rolling technique to achieve the desired shape.Both of these methods are vital in creating metals that have a wide range of thickness and size. The Press Brake procedure needs a high pressure level of roughly 350 tons so as to form these shapes.

The minute the forming process is complete, the step that follows is to gather and join the metal pieces. In this case, metal welding is the right procedure to be used because it takes advantage of intense heat to join the pieces without necessarily destroying their shapes.

The advantage of using custom-made machines is that they are designed to meet your needs unlike when you purchase new equipment as you can be forced to alter them so that they can meet your needs. 

In addition to that, ready-made machines are long-lasting due to the fact that they undergo three significant phases unlike purchasing the same products.When you visit any stores, you are not sure whether the products are made using sturdy metals such as stainless steel. Mostly, you will find that these products are made from the standard metals.

In conclusion, it is imperative to know that custom metal fabrication can produce unique products. But for this to happen, you must notify your manufacturer in advance so that they can know the type of product you want.

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